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Why You Need an Effective Design Plan

The process of building something new is a lot like life in general. Before constructing from the ground up, you need to have a solid plan in place. Like many other tasks in life, having a weak plan leads to poor execution and a lot of problems later on. That’s why at Abcott Construction, we put a lot of thought and energy into creating a design plan for each project. Here’s what that looks like.

Design Build Strategy:

Abcott is a design build company, meaning we handle both design and construction on our projects. This helps reduce costs for our clients and makes communication much more direct. This leads to less time wasted for the client dealing with separate consultants, and a more cohesive, streamlined build.

Planning Phase:

The planning phase refers to the overall start of any project. The vision, details, logistics and final outcome of the project is all dictated by this early stage. In the planning phase, we will work with our client to determine the physical and economic requirements for construction.

Design Phase:

In the design phase, drawings are created and the vision for a build starts to come to life. Drawings help to give everyone a good understanding of what the final construction will look like. Then, professional architectural and engineering drawings are created and are imperative in this stage. They ensure the build is feasible and safe.

Budget Estimating:

Now that the final design is in place, our team will have a project estimator supply our client with a quote. With each project, we take into consideration the budget set by the client and create project drawings based on it. While it would be nice to build without the constraints of a budget, that’s just not a reality on any build. At Abcott Construction, we are dedicated to operating within our client’s budget and getting the build done in a timely manner.

A good plan leads to great results. At Abcott Construction, we are dedicated to building for your success, and a well thought out design phase is always our first step in doing so.

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