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The Butler® Difference

As your single point of contact for all your project needs, you can trust that Abcott Construction is always using the best materials to get the job done right. You may have heard us say it time and time again, but we are proud to be known as a Butler® builder.


What is a Butler® Builder?

Being a “Butler® builder” means we are a trusted construction company that uses the Butler®, pre-engineered building products and knowledge to complete projects for our clients.


Why is Butler® better?

With a proven history you can trust, for over 100 years Butler® has built and continued to maintain a reputation that is synonymous with quality. Known as an industry leader, the Butler® brand uses only the best materials combined with innovative procedures to create their pre-engineered building solutions.


What makes Butler® unique?

In comparison to other building systems on the market, Butler® offers a fresh approach that integrates quality materials with fewer parts. This means, they not only are faster to erect but are also an economical and less labour-intensive option that never sacrifices on quality. Simpler…better…faster - Butler® is the smart choice for projects of all sizes.


Abcott Construction – Your Butler® builder

We are proud to offer the full range of Butler® pre-engineered building systems to our clients. This lets us customize any build while saving time and construction costs for our customers. At Abcott, we were honoured to accept two awards from Butler® Manufacturing in 2018. Our hard work, combined with their superior solutions, has let us complete an impressive portfolio of projects as a company.


Check out our full range of completed projects on the Butler® page of our website or request your free quote. Looking for more info on Butler®? Visit