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Six Nations Parks & Rec - COVID Testing Centre

In a year where staying six feet apart has become the norm, coming together as a community has never been more important. At Abcott Construction, we believe in building not only for your success, but also in building together for better communities. That’s exactly how we felt when we were awarded the Six Nations Parks & Rec concession stand contract through a bidding process in 2019.


The new concession stand designs were completed by K.L. Martin & Associates and included a good size kitchen, washroom, and needed storage facilities. After much work and partnership, substantial completion of the project was completed in March of 2020.


You know where this is going. That was a time none of us will soon forget. The COVID-19 crisis began, and life looked a little different for everyone, including those in the Six Nations community who immediately recognized the need for an emergency testing station. There was a deep understanding of urgency for all involved in the project. K.L. Martin once again teamed up with Abcott Construction and got to work completing additional renovations to make the building a safe and functional testing space for the community. This stage of construction included insulating the building, installing new heating and cooling systems, and electrical upgrades such as generator back-up power for emergencies.

Together, we built a testing station that gave the Six Nations community the ability to test closer to home. Thus, reducing the spread of infection through early detection.