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Saving Money During Construction

Whether you’re launching your project from scratch or are renovating an existing build, using a reputable construction company can help you save money in the long run. 

Materials Matter:

Starting with the right materials, while possibly costing more upfront, will actually help your bottom line. Higher quality means longer lasting and less waste from trying to “make do”. Building materials can make up a staggering 50-60% of total project costs. Choosing improper items, or over ordering, can easily eat up your budget.

Using pre-engineered building materials is an effective way to save money and time. Manufactured in a factory, they are transported to building sites where they are put into place. This method is almost always more convenient and cost-effective than only using raw materials.

At Abcott Construction, we offer a full range of pre-engineered building systems supplied by Butler® Manufacturing – a company with over 100 years of success and quality! Their history of using only the best materials and innovation in their pre-engineered building systems is what makes Abcott proud to be a Butler® Builder.


Project Management:

Having a reliable Project Manager is another way to save money during the construction process. They help ensure timelines are met and keep your build on track, meaning less wasted time and money. Abcott Construction has a team of Project Managers ready to assist you with your next project. Our substantial experience means we can help ensure your construction stays on track and within budget.

Finally, the best way to save money during construction is to work with a team you can trust. Abcott Construction has over 40 years of experience and boasts an extensive portfolio of successful builds. Our commitment to excellence is made possible through the support and dedication of our project teams, and the relationships we have forged with industry suppliers and subcontractors.

Save money during your next build with Abcott Construction!