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Need for Young Talent

Like many fields in the trades, construction has seen a dwindling number of workers entering the workforce in recent years. In fact, the average age of Canadian construction workers in 2017 was found to be 42 years old . This means there is a range of available jobs just waiting to be filled, with many more set to open up over the next decade.


Starting a career in Construction is a great choice for those who don’t want to sit behind a desk, and enjoy hands on work that is exciting and new each day. There is a great need for young talent in the construction industry, but moreover, there are many reasons why it is great choice for those looking to start a fulfilling and lucrative career.

Mentorship and Coaching:
At Abcott Construction, we are dedicated to providing every employee, new and seasoned, with the continual training they need to excel at their job. Get hands on training from day one to ensure you are on the right track and never feel overwhelmed or unsure of how to succeed in your career.

Job Security:
When you work for Abcott Construction, you are truly part of a team. We place a high focus on employee growth and foster an environment where each team member can thrive. No matter what role you start in, with time, experience, and a great work ethic there is a wealth of advancement opportunities within our company. We want to see you succeed!

Aptitude for Technology:
This is why we need you! Younger people tend to be more technologically advanced than those who have been in the industry for many years. As the tools and techniques in construction continue to advance, Abcott Construction needs younger talent to help us continue to improve the efficiency of the work we do.

Get an Early Start:
There are many advantages to getting a University degree, and that is something the school system puts to the forefront. It is not the only path to a well-paying career though! Instead of spending years and years in school (racking up loads of student debt), a career in the construction allows you to get a much earlier start.

Competitive Salary and Benefits:
This is not just a job – it is the start of your career. At Abcott Construction, we offer competitive starting salaries with the ability to work your way up as you progress in your career. Our pension contributions (with compound interest) help you save and earn interest for retirement. We are proud to also offer a comprehensive benefit package to every Abcott employee, including both health and dental for you and your family.

Abcott Construction is always looking for hard working, dedicated professionals to join our team. Young talent gives our company the benefit of a fresh new perspective and pushes us to grow and find even better ways to Build for Our Clients’ Success!

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