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Importance of Safety

At Abcott Construction, getting the job done right is our top priority. Ensuring a safe build not only is important for our team, it also has a huge impact on the end result for our customers. Construction can be a dangerous industry if not handled properly, but there are many things we can do to keep the work moving forward while keeping everyone on the job site safe.

What are the Hazards?
Working at height - Working above ground level can pose a major risk from falling. From roofing to working on scaffolding, extreme safety measures need to be taken when working at height.

Falling objects – similar to above, when others are working at heights above you, there is a risk for injury from falling objects.

Heavy loads – construction work is very physical and often requires heavy lifting. When done improperly, this can lead to injury or even long-term damage the spine. Back support and lifting from the legs are extremely important.

Machinery injuries – equipment and tools need to be kept in good working order because improper storage or damage can make them a real hazard. Moving vehicles on a construction site can also pose a risk and require everyone to be on high alert to their surroundings.

These are only a small sampling of the risks you may encounter on a build. The good news is, all of these can be mitigated with proper training, gear, and awareness on the job – all of which we take extremely seriously at Abcott Construction!

What are the Benefits of Safety?
Butler sets the standard for roof performance. Their popular MR-24® roof is a standing-seam roofing system that offers weathertight protection and long-term durability. Choose the Butler roof that works for your build, from enhanced energy performance or a roof system specific to your design. All Butler roofs are low-maintenance and worry-free.

Save money – reduced costs associated with damages on site, delays in the build, injury lawsuits and loss of labour, as well as lower insurance rates.

Reputation – this goes both ways. A bad reputation means you will have a hard time finding prospective clients. Maintaining a credible reputation ensures you can build a solid name in your community, producing leads.

Employee satisfaction – attracting skilled and well-trained workers is crucial. A solid safety record and safe work environment is top of the list for ways to do this. Not only will you be able to hire the workforce you need but showing employees their company cares about them boosts moral and maintains employee satisfaction.

Productivity – safety hazards lead to errors, errors slow down the process and end up costing more money. A safe build site means increased productivity and a happy client.

Abcott Construction is dedicated to maintaining a safe work environment on every build. We are dedicated to following industry safety standards, keeping everyone on site safe, and building for your success – every time!

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