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Butler® Tier II Classic™

We are all about saving our clients time and money, while offering them the best building services available. As a trusted Butler® builder, we are excited about the new Butler® Tier II Classic™ Building System. This metal building system offers a competitive price with a short lead time and faster assembly. Let’s take a closer look at the design flexibility, quick construction, and extremely low maintenance of this system:

Design Flexibility:

With a wide range of options to choose from, this new system can be used for almost any building end-use. With straight or tapered columns, a variety of eaves height and slope angles, bracing options, and multiple unit capability, this new Butler® system has many customizable structural choices to meet your needs.  Compatible with multiple roofing systems, roof options, and can include gutters and downspouts, while accommodating roof top units. Choose from wind loaded wall partitions, insulated wall panels, or translucent roof/wall panels, as well as integrated stair/railings and overhead hydraulic doors to meet your needs.

Save Time and Money:

Quick and easy assembly means the Butler® Tier II Classic™ Building System is the best option for your bottom line. It can be assembled up to 30% faster than conventional construction methods, saving precious time and money – and getting your project completed faster!

Built to Last

Butler® is known for unmatched performance and this new system falls in line. Featuring high-performing Butler-Cote™ 25-year fluoropolymer cladding finish, it resists chalking & fading and carries a 25-year warranty against blistering, peeling, cracking, or chipping of the finish. This low maintenance, weatherproof solution is built to stand the test of time!

The Butler® Tier II Classic™ Building System is versatile, functional, affordable, and variety of design possibilities. Find out if this system is right for you by filling out an online quote on our website, or contact Abcott Construction at 519-756-4350.