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Benefits of Green Design

Incorporating green design elements into your industrial, business, community, or residential location is a great way to make a difference in our world, while also saving you money. At Abcott Construction, we understand that making buildings greener can have a substantial impact in both areas. Here’s how we can help you build the space you need, with energy-efficient tweaks that will save you money and help the environment.


Daylight Harvesting - Design Feature
Harvesting natural light and including daylight designs like large windows and skylights into your project reduces a building’s electricity needs and saves money. Windows can also be installed with shade systems to help combat heat from the sun in the summer but retain heat from inside in the winter.


Power Up with Solar Energy
While solar panels do require an investment upfront, you are likely to recoup your costs and more if you are planning to get long term use out of your build. Not only can you meet your power needs, if you generate enough solar energy, but it can also be returned to the power grid for rebates.


Insulating the Building
Insulation can play a key role in the overall performance of the building envelope to maximize energy efficiency. Establishing the correct design parameters, including not only the amount of insulation but also the type of insulation, can maximize the building operating costs over the building’s lifespan.


LED Lighting
Using LED lights instead of traditional bulbs is a simple solution that can save money. With substantial energy savings and a longer lifespan, LED lighting creates less waste and requires less maintenance.

Using green design elements in your build not only positively impacts the environment, but can save you actual dollars. There are a number of Energy Saving Rebate programs offering incentives to make it worth the investment.

If you are interested in green design elements for your business or new build, make Abcott Construction your first call at (519) 756-4350.

For a full list of Energy Saving Rebate programs see the link below: